2019 featured organizations

All of our Featured and Partner organizations are required to abide by our LBD.Project Policy to participate in our fundraising efforts - to find out more about what that is, click here.

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Exile International

Exile International is a non-profit organization, founded in 2008, whose mission is to restore rescued child solidiers and children orphaned by war to become leaders for peace through art-focused trauma care and holistic, rehavilitative care.

EI also believes in the power of local leadership to foster sustainable, lasting impact. EI trains and partners with local counselors, caregivers, and leaders to implement culturally appropriate, effective care.


Just Ask Prevention Project

The Just Ask Prevention Project is a non-profit organization focused on ending human trafficking in the U.S. and around the world, through education, prevention and intervention. Just Ask works to educate our youth and adults about the signs of human trafficking to keep our teenagers safe. We know that a well informed public will decrease the ability of trackers to operate, and inspire victims and survivors to come forward and Just Ask for help.


Sisters of the Streets

Sisters of the Streets is a lived-experience based organization whose main focus is to create empowerment through encouragement and create permanent, successful solutions by being direct advocates for women and young girls who have experienced domestic sexual exploitation. They also seek to be a reliable resource which provides tailored assistance where, and when, needed. They are committed to raising awareness by educating society of the harsh realities of "the game" and focusing on educating on the importance of all inclusive solutions to this issue.

One of Blakcout Trafficking’s foundational purposes is to assist smaller organizations to raise funds for themselves. We have seen this to be one of the best way to end modern slavery on a local level, both by providing a way for volunteers to be engaged and bringing in funding.

All of our Featured organizations are required to abide by our Blackout Trafficking Policy to participate in our fundraising efforts - to find out more about what that is, click here.

The LBD.Project just became an official 501(c)(3) organization earlier this year, and we are entirely volunteer-run. This website, the buttons we give out, all the materials we produce to support the anti-trafficking organizations we raise funds for are all paid for out-of-pocket by our volunteers. If you'd like to help support us while we support those doing the most important work, please consider clicking on the button below which will direct you to our PayPal account. All funds raised will go back to supporting Blackout Trafficking this year, and in the years to come.