What is blackout trafficking?



What is Blackout Trafficking (formerly the LBD.Project) and why do we do it? Why wear the same dress/skirt/shirt/sweater/scarf for such a long time? (Doesn’t that get a little nasty?) 

Each year, people scattered around the country choose a black article of clothing and wear it for a month. It is a personal challenge, limiting our freedom in a small way (and as a by-product, we prove that clothing, appearance, and having more stuff doesn't define us). We use less as an act of determination--a fast of sorts--to focus on those who have been forced, used, mistreated, and abandoned. These are the modern slaves of our world, also known as victims of human trafficking. As we wear the same thing, we experience what it is like in one small way to have limited choice. Our freedom is only slightly limited, whereas the freedom of the trafficking victims we represent has been unjustly stolen from them.

We use this purposeful limiting of our freedom to ignite a greater awareness of human trafficking around us. By using the internet to share often about Blackout Trafficking, whether through pictures of ourselves or with facts and stories about trafficking, we continue to shed light on this evil, bringing it out of the darkness, and invite our circles into this fight for justice and compassion. We work towards a common goal, fundraising for various anti-trafficking organizations. 

So together, for a month, we don our black dresses and shirts and suits and skirts and fishnet leggings in order to raise awareness and funds for those who are begging for an intervention while becoming a little more free from what holds ourselves.

The LBD.Project is a 31 day challenge to wear the same black item of clothing each day in March to bring freedom to those affected by human trafficking. Learn more at https://www.thelbdproject.org

History of Blackout Trafficking

 Once upon a time, a girl didn't feel like she could do much of anything to ease unnecessary suffering in the world, let alone encourage others to care about it . Inspired by the Uniform Project, wearing a little black dress was an act of defiance against popular culture's standards and apathy. Incidentally, she changed through the project by embracing a more minimalistic lifestyle, while others who had previously watched her with indifference joined her.

Over the last eight years, small groups of brave individuals have joined her for the month in a black piece of clothing and have made the project theirs, continuing to expand its influence. To date, we have collectively raised $60,000 and the Blackout Trafficking team continues to be thrilled as others join us and are transformed through the experience. 

You can learn more about Elisa, the first years of Blackout Trafficking (formerly known as the LBD.Project and the Little Black Dress Project), and read current posts about the LBD.Project by going to www.AverageAdvocate.com, where Elisa continues to inspire average and ordinary people to change the world. And if you want to find out why Elisa started the LBD.Project, check out the video below:

How the blackout trafficking project works:


Are you inspired? We invite you to join us change the world through this simple action.

Things to expect about joining Blackout Trafficking during the month of March:

  • It can be challenging to wear the same thing every day

  • You might quit

  • You aren't hated for quitting (but are always invited to try again next year!)

  • People will likely not donate if you don't talk about it

  • People will likely not donate unless you invite them to and give them many opportunities to

  • You will likely become discouraged when people don't donate

  • You should thank people who donate on your behalf

By doing this little thing together, we do something great. Because little things can make a big difference. Let’s bring FREEDOM! It turns out little (average) people can do big things too. #WorldChangersUnite

 How to take part in the Blackout Trafficking:

  1. Register for the Blackout Trafficking here for support and guidance through the month. (Note: even if you are a LBD.Project veteran, you still need to make sure you register for #LBDProject2019!)

  2. Commit to wearing the same black item of clothing in March. Find some ideas here!

  3. Select an anti-trafficking organization (either one of our Featured Organizations, or one of our Partner Organizations) and then you can set up your fundraising page.

  4. Lead the way by making the first donation, then ask those you know to donate $10 (or more) too!

  5. Share a picture of you in that item and/or a story or fact about human trafficking (ideally, daily) using the hashtag #LBDProject2019 or #LBDProject to let those around you know why you are wearing the same thing all the time!


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