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The LBD.Project is run by passionate volunteers who use their own funds to pay for things like this website, the buttons we give out to participants, printed material, etc. If you'd like to help support our costs (and grab some cool gear at the same time), check out our Zazzle store. All proceeds we raise through this shop funnel back to support our efforts in supporting those on the front lines of this fight against human trafficking.

Looking for ethically-sourced clothing to wear for the LBD.Project? There are certainly plenty of choices out there, but we’ve curated a few stores and items for you to make it a little easier for you. We're also big fans of shopping second-hand, or holding local clothing-swaps with friends and churches.)

Our first two recommendations come from two of our featured organizations: Exile International and Sisters of the Streets. They both have online storefronts which benefit trafficking survivors and help raise awareness of modern slavery.

Click on the logo above to be directed to exile’s full online shop.

Click on the FREE Unisex shirt from exile to purchase directly.


Click the logo above to be directed to Sisters of the Streets full online shop.

Click on Don’t Be Pimped shirt / image above to purchase directly.

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The following stores are great ethical stores that fight human trafficking and show it with what they do with their proceeds. You’ll also see with our examples below that you can be creative with what you choose to use as your black item!

While the LBD.Project is not a 501(c)(3) organization at this time, we are entirely volunteer-run. This website, the buttons we give out, all the materials we produce to support the anti-trafficking organizations we raise funds for are all paid for out-of-pocket by our volunteers. If you'd like to help support us while we support those doing the most important work, please consider clicking on the button below which will direct you to our PayPal account. All funds raised will go back to supporting the LBD.Project this year, and in the years to come.